Did You Know That Exercise Is The Most Effective Weapon Against Aging?


Keeping active may be the secret to staying young for both mice and men. Researchers from Canada’s McMaster University discovered that endurance exercise could halt the aging process in a group of mice, even though they were genetically engineered to age faster.

These furry creatures continued to exhibit the same youthful appearance as normal mice after engaging in a treadmill exercise routine over a period of several months. In addition, the exercise program prevented premature aging in almost every organ of the morphed mice. Details on the mighty mice can be found in the journal.

The results of the analysis indicate that not only can exercise help to prevent an early death, it can also delay the aging process in humans as well.

The researchers said that the exercise routine provided nearly 100 percent protection against graying fur, hair loss, brain and muscle atrophy, and more.

The good news is that it’s never too late to get on that treadmill. Out of the above recently conducted research I have noted that even those who have spent far too much time being sedentary can still reap the benefits of exercise, and gain energy, mobility and promote healthier organs.

Take my advice to “Get moving, get active and get your kids moving while they are young.” The road to fitness just may lead to the fountain of youth.

I hope that this is a landmark research in the field of science that we will benefit from immensely as humans for a longer life.

Wish you all the best even as you begin to embark on the journey of making healthy choices as humans.


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