LMVCA says EC steering committee is too partisan


Pressure group Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) has related that the recently inaugurated 10-member steering committee for this year’s polls by the Electoral Commission is too partisan and must, therefore, be dissolved immediately.

In a press statement signed by Convener David Boateng Asante, LMVCA stated that Dr. Karl Mark Arhin, on the committee as a representative of the National Service Secretariat, is a card-bearing member of the ruling government and a former Deputy Director of International Affairs of the NDC and must not be on the committee.

“The EC intends to use mainly National Service personnel as election officers. But how fair can this process be when the person nominated to facilitate this process is a leading member of the ruling party?” Part of the statement quizzed.

LMVCA also cited that Francis Azumiah from the Peace Council, also a member of the committee, is a senior member of the NDC in the Builsa North constituency, who has at various times tried to contest as Parliamentary Candidate for the NDC in the constituency.

According to LMVCA, the composition of the committee makes it look like the EC is trying to use foul means to retain President Mahama as leader of the country by whatever means possible.

Therefore, the statement indicated that the LMVCA “wish to urge the Commission to reverse the inauguration of the Steering Committee, go back to the drawing table with all key stakeholders and find consensus to, if need be, move this concept forward but in the right direction with the right people”.


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