Govt Rushes Desks To School After Bawumia Promise


Bawumia-at-Kperisi-Primary-School-620x400The Wa Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Alhassan Nunu Putiaya, in a bid to prevent the pupils of the Kperisi Primary School from benefiting from Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s promised furniture, has rushed a consignment of desks and tables for use by the kids.

The belated gesture of the assembly has ironically failed to win them the public applause it appears to need at this time as people ask why it took a promise by Dr. Bawumia before it thought it wise to rescue the children from a prolonged writing on bare floor and its attendant complications.

When Dr. Bawumia, running mate of the flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), visited the Kperisi Primary School in Wa, he found the kids lying on the bare floor and writing. He decided there and then to order some furniture for the kids.

DAILY GUIDE has gathered that when the truck conveying the furniture to the school got there, the excited kids started shouting “Bawumia, Bawumia” to acknowledge the gesture of the politician whose promise they had heard earlier. Whoever is behind this particular consignment truly is immaterial, but the one which triggered it all and none other than Dr. Bawumia and the headmistress of the school, Rosina Diedong.

One of the politicians present not finding the kids’ compliments unpalatable retorted, “It is not Bawumia.” Whether that erased what had already been implanted in the kids’ memory is yet to be seen.

Another effect of the Bawumia visit to the Kperisi Primary School has been the taking of inventory of furniture of schools in the municipalities by the local authorities.

Perhaps more than ever before the authorities have felt the need to supply furniture to all schools in the Wa municipality.

A prank making the rounds in Wa and its environs is that whenever one’s school is deprived, Dr. Bawumia should be invited to visit such schools for effect.


The headmistress, who was accused of inviting the media to the school when the sorry state of learning went viral, stood her grounds that she spoke about the plight of the kids so benevolent organizations could come to their rescue. She has achieved her aim and should be smiling for a job well done.


Speaking to the media yesterday after the Municipal Assembly, led by the Upper West Regional Minister, Alhaji Aminu, the MCE and heads of the District Education Directorate had presented some desks to the school, Ms Diedong said although she was happy upon receipt of the furniture, she was concerned for her life.

“I am happy and sad at the same time,” she expressed. According to her, some youth of the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) had been assaulting her verbally. She also said she had received threatening phone calls and messages, saying she might be forced to seek transfer from the school if her safety could not be guaranteed.

“I am happy but with challenges; without the furniture the children were suffering but now it will improve a whole lot of things. I have collected the things and I am happy but because of the manner in which the things came, I am feeling sad and happy at the same time because people are talking all over. There is even a youth group here who are threatening my life and saying I should wait and see; so all that cannot make me happy,” Ms Diedong disclosed.


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