International Kenkey Festival slated for March


On Saturday, March 4, Mantse Agbona, James Town, will play host to the second edition of the International Kenkey Festival.Kenkey is a staple food in different parts of this country.
It is made from partially cooked fermented maize and usually eaten with pepper sauce and fried fish, soup or stew. It is variously referred to as ‘Komi’, ‘Ga kenkey’, ‘amosima’, ‘Fante dokon’ or ‘fomfom,’ depending on where it is made.
Speaking with the Graphic Daily, the festival’s Chief organiser, Mr Manuel Nii Martey Mensah, said there would be wide variety of Ga, Fante, Northern and Volta brands of kenkey on display and for sale at the event.
“The festival’s aim is to promote one of Ghana’s most common local foods to the international market. “We want to help encourage the patronage of Ghanaian foods, which will in turn help in the advancement of agriculture and general food production in the country,” Mr Mensah said.
The day would see the crowning of a Kenkey King and Queen, serving of  free ‘mashke’ (mashed kenkey) and  performances by musicians, spoken word artistes and poets to keep patrons entertained during the festival.
“We want people to come around and relax, eat together and network,” he stated.
The organisers pointed out that they were seeking to brand kenkey as a national product recognisable anywhere across the world.
The festival, which kicks off at 10 a.m., is sponsored by Kasapreko.


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