Declare National Day of Repentance, Kenyan Prophet Advises Ghana Christian Council


An International Prophet from Kenya, Mighty Prophet Dr. David Owuor has asked the Ghana Christian Council to declare a national day of repentance for all Christians and offer them the opportunity to atone for their sins because the second coming of Jesus Christ is near.

According to him, the influx of fake prophets in the country, Ghana, who develop corruptible ways and make money into their pockets through the pretense of doing God’s work by giving false prophecies, has led many Christians to skip off from the true worship.

The Mighty prophet of the Lord, Prophet Dr. Owuor, known globally as a preacher of the eternal message of repentance and holiness in preparation for the rapture of the Church, said this at a Pastors and Church leaders conference and mega healing crusade in Koforidua in the Eastern region.

The recent outbreak of Zika virus in Brazil, shocking earthquake which hit Kenya, the Xenophobic attack in South Africa, the historic flood in Kenya, the Nepal earthquake, the Ebola virus outbreak, the aviation distress among others are few of Dr. Owuor’s prophesies which came into fulfillment.

He noted that the message to declare a national day of repentance in Ghana was a revelation given to him by God so that Ghanaians can have a second chance to repent because the coming of the Messiah is closer.

Dr. Owuor, who refused to forecast the consequences to be faced with in default of the national day of repentance, said he was only sent by God to deliver the message and not to pronounce judgment.

“The Lord sent me not to argue with anyone if they refuse to heed to my message but only told me to say it and leave as he, the Lord has sent me to do without fear or favor” he reiterated.

“I have come to Ghana to announce the second coming of Jesus and the need for this country to repent from their lost ways and refrain from following the many fake prophets and the need to take my message more serious” he added.

He noted that committing sin has become usual in many churches because Ghana has become the ritual ground for these false prophets who only take money from congregants for consultation.

Dr. Owuor added that in the spiritual realm, he saw so much witchery in Ghana and that he has come with a broom and the blood of Jesus to wash and clean the house of the Lord and reaffirm Ghana with the doctrine of holiness that would lead the people into salvation.


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