PPP Calls for Alex Segbefia dismissal


The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has said Health Minister, Alex Segbefia must be sacked by President John Mahama if he fails to resign voluntarily in the event that one more person dies from the Meningitis outbreak which has claimed 93 lives so far.

 In a statement issued by the PPP and signed by National Secretary Murtala Mohammed, the party said any more deaths must cost Mr Segbefia his job.

The statement added that Mr Alex Segbefia must stop the Meningitis now or resign if he does not have the necessary capacity to curb the menace.

“This is a national health emergency issue and we cannot continue to pretend…the disease is under control when on a daily basis we are losing Ghanaian lives.

“We are completely devastated,” the PPP said, adding: “We commend the Ghana Health Service for intensifying their monitoring activities, field investigations and supplying antibiotics to affected patients. We believe that government must provide adequate funding to ensure that the disease is controlled. We cannot continue to count the number of people killed by this disease on a daily basis and not act with any seriousness.”

Meanwhile, the party has extended its “heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families who have lost their loved ones as a result of the outbreak of meningitis in Ghana”.

The disease has killed 93 people so far, with cases recorded in all the regions of Ghana except the Central region. At least 548 people have been affected in total.


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