Nacee unfazed over Boys Boys bashing


Those who have been bashing multiple awards winning musician Nacee for abandoning his godly duties as a Gospel artiste to pursue other music interests upon the release of his latest single Boys Boys featuring Guru should just take a ‘chill pill’ because he has more in the offing.
The artiste, a member of gospel group No Tribe is unfazed by the criticisms and has plans to drop more of such songs featuring other secular musicians prior to the release of his second solo album, Counsellor 2, scheduled for release this year.

This was disclosed to Showbiz by Mr Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, head of communication for Nacee Music in an interview on Wednesday.
Speaking on behalf of the artiste, Mr Asamoah-Baidoo entreated the public to expect more of such collaborations from Nacee since his upcoming album will feature an array of well –respected artistes from the secular fraternity.
Since the release of Boys Boys barely two weeks ago, Nacee has enjoyed a lot of support from the public for what many believe is a “masterpiece” from the man who has been the magic behind many popular gospel songs.
However, there has been another school of thought reprimanding Nacee for abandoning his godly duties as a gospel artiste to pursue other music interests.
But Arnold says the views of the latter are unfair to Nacee who has proved over the years that he is talented and can make people enjoy his craft and art irrespective of what genre of music he does.
“Nacee is a musician. His craft is music and as a musician, he has room to take any path especially when that path is well- appreciated by fans. Boys Boys projects very sound, educative and thought provoking messages and that is what is important.
“Besides, the reception has been overwhelming. We knew the song was good but the level of euphoria it is generating across the country is mind-blowing. That in itself is a good sign for the artiste,” he said.
Throwing more light on the issue, Mr Asamoah- Baidoo argued that Boys Boys should be understood in the broader sense of encouraging the younger generation to be proud and content with what they have.
“This is not the first time he’s taking up such a style. Anyone can check his resume as an artiste and even his previous album, Counselor 1. He’s been doing this for a long time,” he stated.
Nacee went solo in 2015 after being an active member of No Tribe, a nondenominational gospel group for almost a decade. However, despite his “new call”, Arnold insists the 2017 VGMA Album of the Year winner is still the ‘front man’ of the group.
“No Tribe is not dead and Nacee is still the front man of the group. There’s a period for every project and the time now is for Nacee’s solo project, which is the Counsellor 2 album and that is what he’s pursuing”, he added.


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