I’ll choose a ‘3-year-old man’ over a ’36-year-old boy’-Shatta Michy

Baby Mama of Shatta Wale, Michy has recently made a post on social media specifically Instagram and shockingly revealed that her 3yrs old boy is indirectly mature than a full grown man who’s 36 years.

Don’t forget, Shatta Wale is or around that age, According to her, maturity is not about age.

She said “If I were ever asked to choose between a 3yr old man & 36yr old boy I’ll definitely choose the little one 10x over cuz very truly brethren ,age doesn’t define maturity”.

So logically, Mitchy is trying to paint a picture that Shatta Wale is immature, when loves turns sour, respect is no more ‘ampa’.

It would be recalled that Michy left Shatta Wale in the early hours of January and reports indicated that she took some documents and a car with her.

Michy has vowed not to come back to Shatta Wale describing him as a wife beater and a cheat.

However, this is not the first time the two have broken up.

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