Police Arrest Fulani Herdsmen For Stealing Gun

The suspects

TWO FULANI herdsmen, who managed to steal a gun from a farmer when he was working on his farm at Atebubu in the Bono East Region, have been arrested and placed in police custody.

The farmer, Kwadwo Nyabelah, told the police at Atebubu that the two men approached him on the farm and made a request for water to drink which he willingly gave them, as their animals grazed around. He said after offering them the water, he told them to control the animals properly because they had been destroying his cassava farm. They agreed and drove the animals away.

He narrated: “But after working for sometimes, I decided to check where I kept my gun on the farm only to realise the weapon was not there so I chased them but they managed to escape”.

He said he quickly reported the loss of the gun to the unit committee chairman in the area, Akwasi Kwarteng, who mobilised the youth in the town to chase and arrest them at their hideout in the bush, and the gun retrieved from them.

 Police said their identity was yet to be confirmed because they could not speak any other language apart from their native language.

Mr Nyabelah said he sustained injuries when he tried to confront them alone after realising his gun had been stolen.  

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