TV stations are useless for promoting foreign content- Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro

The General Overseer of the Alabaster Prayer Ministries, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro, has taken television channels in Ghana to the cleaners over the influx of foreign soap operas on television stations.

The man of God believes these soap operas are useless and an affront to the values of Ghanaians.

In a sermon he delivered on Sunday March 3, 2019, the prophet said, gone were the days when Ghanaians would gather and watch interesting programmes on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

The likes of Inspector Bediako, Taxi Driver, By the FireSide, Cantata, and Key Soap Concert Party, Obra and others were the source of entertainment for viewers.

To him, the representation of Ghanaian cultural elements were recognised by viewers and helped to educate them and encourage them to appreciate their values.

But what we see on television today is affecting the values of Ghanaians and our children are the ones being affected the more because they value these foreign cultures.

Prophet Kofi Oduro said, the entertainment industry is dead because the various television channels have failed to promote Ghanaian culture and the nation’s channel which is expected to do things differently, have also been caught in promoting useless soap operas.

The trend is killing the local movie industry because its patrons have shifted attention to these foreign series which are even translated in the twi language, he lamented.

“Ghallywood, Kumawood whatever you want to call it is dead. South American soap operas have taken over television including GTV. You should bow your heads down in shame. Everybody there should be sacked. The whole board of GTV must be dissolved. Everybody must be made to go home, fresh people must be employed. You’ve lost values.”

“Where is Obra (a local television drama series), where is showcase in Ga? You go to South America and pay for these useless soap operas and out it on television…So our children are unable to understand anything about us because f what they watch today. They grow up and want to become like Jay Z and others who are useless and ungodly.”

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