Single mother of three, abandoned by family of husband now lives in rotten woods

Daavi with her children

Daavi, a widow in her late-30 has had to turn a rotten wood structure into a home for herself and her three boys as life has not been too fair to her.

Narrating her story to Crime Check Foundation (crimecheckghana), Daavi said, she lost her husband in 2015 to a short ailment and life has not been easy since then.

“My husband was a painter when he was alive and even though we weren’t the happiest family on earth, we were doing well, our children attended an international school, everything was fine” she said amid tears

The mother of three said, she had to make do of the rotten wooden structure since she would not continue to pay a monthly rent of GHC70 to her former landlord.

“ We had to move from where we use to live because I could not afford to pay the monthly rent of the place, I asked around and I was permitted by the owner of this place to perch here with my children” she said

Recounting how difficult life has been living in that structure, she said “ I most times have to wake my children up especially doing this raining season to sweeping off the rainwater that is entering the place, we stay awake till it stops raining before we can go back to sleep” she noted

Daavi said, she started selling sachet water to support her kids as her table-top foodstuff business was not doing too well.

“At a point i had to stop hawking sachet water because I could not supervise my children to get ready for school all because I use to leave very early in the morning to hawk” she said

Daavi said, she gives her children, 13, 11 and 7years GHC1.50p each day for school which she is not sure how long she can continue to fund that.

Crime Check Foundation is pleading with the general public and all benevolent individuals to come to the aid of Daavi and her kids as they are exposed to harsh weather conditions and poisonous insects like scorpions at nights in their present condition.

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