NPP’s Christmas message to Ghanaians

As Christians in Ghana and across the globe climax the birth of Christ, the NPP is pleased to wish them a happy and joyous celebration. The birth of Jesus Christ, undoubtedly, marks an important milestone on the Christian calendar because of its great significance. It is for this reason that the commemoration of this day is often characterized by not only deep supplication to our Maker but also by merrymaking, symbolic decorations, holidaying, social gatherings and alms giving.

Christmas is a season of love and care especially for the needy in society. These were the virtues that Christ personified. In the light of this, the NPP, on the occasion of the commemoration of this great season, calls on all and sundry particularly people who subscribe to the Christian faith to show much love and care to the needy in diverse ways in order to give real meaning to the essence of Christmas. Christianity teaches us that today is not just a day for celebration. We should therefore not forget of the plight of our “underprivileged brothers and sisters”.

Also noteworthy is the fact that, an occasion like this, unfortunately, comes with rising cases of road accidents, crime rates among other unpleasant spectacles. So, while calling on the police and relevant authorities to step up their efforts at forestalling such occurrences, we also think that, as individual citizens, we should not compromise on our personal security notwithstanding that the Akufo-Addo government has done so much to guarantee the safety of all citizens. On Monday President Akufo-Addo donated some 100 vehicles to the Ghana police bringing to an unprecedented total of 667 vehicles and 3 helicopters donated to the police in our 3-year rule to help fight crime.

The NPP also finds as refreshing the very many significant strides chalked by this government especially in the economic front to bring relief to the Ghanaian people and make them enjoy this yuletide and beyond. This is evidenced in the fact that the Ghanaian economy has been voted by all the Bretton Woods Institutions and other credible economic think tanks across the globe as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

These milestones, coupled with government’s commitment to doing even much more should give Ghanaians the greatest assurance that our country is on the path of economic transformation and prosperity in the coming years as evident in the 2020 budget and other social and economic indicators. Certainly, Ghanaians, in the light of this, have everything to celebrate in this festive season and beyond. Yes indeed, we have performed better and we humbly beseech the good people of this country to give President Akufo-Addo FOUR MORE YEARS TO DO MORE for the love of country.


Thank you.

JOHN BOADU General Secretary, NPP

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