2020 Elections Will Be ‘Bloody’ -Bishop Dr. J Y Adu

Leader and founder of New Jerusalem Chapel (NJC), Bishop Dr. J Y Adu has predicted that 2020 elections is likely to produce the most divisive and bloody campaign in modern Ghanaian history. 

“Because of elections in 2020, there will be great chaos in the country. Political parties will not understand each other. And after the election, chaos will be intensified. Very soon, some group of people would want to use anarchy to topple the government”, he said.

The prophet continued that “there will be massive demonstrations, shooting of people by the police will be great and many people will die as a result. NDC and NPP are going to beat themselves and destroy properties. They are coming to kill themselves for the sake of elections. But tell the president that, when the chaos intensifies, he must fast deploy the army to swiftly stop it because Ghana will, by all means, go to war this year. Christians must pray”.

According to him,God has revealed to him that the 2020 elections will suffer chaotic disturbances, demonstrations ,and bloody killings in which he stressed the two major political parties in Ghana will be involved in those events.

Bishop Dr. J Y Adu is among one of the numerous pastors who have been involved in prophesies affiliated to politics.

Other prophecies include government’s plans for many developmental projects which will be opposed and stopped by opposition party adding that monies this government is expecting to fund its projects will be locked.

The man of God further warned government not to increase prices of fuel too high for the people of Ghana.

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