AUDIO: Any lady who leaks our sexual escapades will smell pepper – Maurice Ampaw vows

Private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, has threatened to  deal with any lady who dare brings out any sexual related conversation with him to the public.

This statement by the lawyer comes after a video conversation between National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah and his supposed mistress has gone viral on social media.

The National Security Minister in the video engaged in a sexual related conversation with a lady who is supposed to be her mistress.

The lover who played smart by hiding her face in the leaked video, kept ordering the minister around effortlessly.

The minister on the other hand obeyed the command to bits exhibiting his morning pyjamas in style and promising to call back and show the lady the outfit he would be wearing for a meeting.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw who made the statement while speaking with Ekourba Gyasi on Atinka FM’s “AM Drive” noted that such contents are confidential and must  remain as   such.

He dared any lady with such confidential material about him to leak it and watch him deal with her mercilessly.

“I have done video calls of such nature with about 2 women in the past but for me I will deal with any lady who tries this thing on me. I will let you know that you can’t mess with anybody and go scot-free. I will deal with you legally,”.

Meanwhile, Security Analyst and Executive Director for Jatikay Center for Human Security and Peace Building, Adib Saani, has asked government, as a matter of urgency, to oust the National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah.

“The video and the fact that a random lady can just lure our National Security Minister and expose him in such a manner shows clearly that the National security Minister does not really understand how the national security office operates and has to be ousted,” he added.

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