‘I’ll never allow any of my children to be a boxer’ – Joshua Clottey

Former IBF Welterweight World Champion, Joshua Clottey has vowed never to advise any of this children to become a boxer.

According to him, the profession is not as rewarding as some people believe adding that he was cheated several times in his hay days.

Joshua Clottey who fought the likes Margarito, Zab Judah, Pacquaio and Cotto said he has never seen the need to encourage his children go into the game.

He said aside the risks involved in the game, he also felt cheated by promoters and managers.

“I fought Margarito, Zab Judah, Pacquaio, Cotto but my toughest test was Richard Gutierrez, I remember I urinated blood when the medics came for my urine samples for test. After that bout I vowed never to allow any of my children to take boxing as his or her profession.

“In the round 4 of the bout, the guy was hitting me so hard I indicated to my corner to throw in the towel but my coach insisted I fight on…,” he said.

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