GPRTU Chairman In Sefwi Akontomra Guns Down A Suspected Thief

It is very unusual for civilians to plan and initiate a counter-strike on thieves since the laws of our land gives that exclusivity to the Police and related security bodies. Notwithstanding this, a GPRTU Chairman in Sefwi Akontomra has defied all odds to initiate a counter resurgence on a suspected thieve and has gracefully gunned him to his death.

According to the District Police commander in the area, DSP Francis Cobina, the GPRTU chairman hereby Samuel Biah, had reported to them that thieves had broken into his house in the village where his cocoa farm is situated and had made away with his several belongings. He said his wife who was in the village as at that time called him to notify him of the break-in. He recounted that the thieves made away with his Television sets, Spraying Machine, Agrochemicals, Woofer etc. Samuel Biah said after he had gone to the village to verify what had happened, he decided to look around his house for the items since he suspected that the thieves couldn’t have sent them away in the broad-day-light.

To his surprise, he came across these items in a bush close to his house. The items had been hidden there by the thieves who broke into his house in order to come for them in the evening. Samuel Biah didn’t touch the items but went back to the police station to report what he had seen. The police then followed him to to witness and confirm what he had reported to them.

When the police arrived with him in the village, he took them to where he had seen the items stolen from his house. The police took pictures of the items and his house and allowed him to take the items back to his house of which he did.

However, after the police had left, Samuel Biah partnered with his friend, Fatau Azumah to ambush the thieve(s). They brought back some of the things the thieves had stolen from his house to the place they had found them. They then decided to wait in a nearby bush to see if the thieves would come back for the items in order to catch them. According to a report by the DSP, Samuel and Fatau waited till 12 am when they saw someone with a torchlight coming towards the items. After the person had reached where the items were, they shouted “Thief!” and he started running, Samuel who had a gun on him gunned down the thieve who was trying to run away from the scene.

The next day, Samuel and Fatau reported their selves to the police station and gave account on what had happened. The police on hearing this went to the crime scene for the body of the thieve who had been deceased by Samuel’s gun shot. The police later discovered that the name of the thief was Kwabena Nyamekye, a notorious robber who stayed in the nearby village.

DSP Francis said the duo had since been remanded by court for further investigations into their acts.

Source: Sunsum Fm, Kumasi

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