I was at first scared to kiss Sunsum on set but don’t mind now – Vivian Jill

Pretty Ghanaian Actress Vivian Jill has made known the reasons why he didn’t kiss , Sumsum on set whilst they were shooting for a movie.

Sumsum Ahuofe affectionately called is known by the name Yaw Adu and sprang into stardom in his cast in a movie as young boy where he starred as a wizard.

His relatively huge eye size made it a fitting role for the lad.

Earlier on Sumsum had granted an interview why he revealed the most painful incident ever he has faced in a movie was where Vivian Jill refused to kiss him whiles they were shooting a movie.

One would have obviously guess, it was due to his looks that caused Vivian Jill to reject kissing him but Vivian Jill had a different opinion

According to Vivian Jill, it was her first time of seeing of being on set and being presented with such a scenario.

This caused her to decline as she first uncomfortable being her first time.

She however claimed when there is another chance, she wouldn’t hesitate to kiss Sumsum on set.

Thoughts? Should Sumsum expect a kiss from Vivian Jill should the role call for it?

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