‘Respect Your Husband’s Side Chick If You Want To Be A Good Wife’ – Counsellor Lutterodt

Renowned marriage counsellor, Mr George Lutterodt has asked married women in the country to show maximum respect to their husband’s side chick if they want to be a good wife.

According to the outspoken counsellor, the purpose of a side chick is to relieve the wife from many stress she might be facing in the marriage and for that matter, wives should be grateful and show them some respect.

‘Every side chick is blessed by God. The Bible doesn’t speak against side chicks. Whether you know or you don’t know that your husband is having a side chick, one thing you should ask yourself is how do manage a side chick with my husband? Most of the side chicks have themselves relevant in a negative way. For example, if you are a side chick and get pregnant, you’ve moved from being a side chick to a Baby Mama. Therefore, Baby Mama’s are not side chick”, he asserted.

Explaining that when one becomes a baby mama her roles change from an ordinary side chick, you don’t live a life that you don’t want to announce yourself.

“A baby mama announces because of the child. Therefore, side chicks and baby mamas are not the same. In the life of a man, there can be a baby mama but still, there can be a side chick. The benefit of a baby mama cannot be compared to that of a side chick. A baby mama enjoys because of the baby but a side chick enjoys because she is the stress reliever of the man”, counsellor Lutterodt affirmed.

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