Marrying a white-woman is better than a black-woman- Man makes controversial claim

A Cameroonian man who’s happily married to a white lady has listed ten reasons why marrying a white woman is far better than being with a black woman.
His points really make sense no matter how one sees it but since relationship and marital issues are subjective, we guess his message could be interpreted in varied forms. His first point for instance says, “a white woman are totally independent, she doesn’t believe that because you are men, you have to take care of her,” which is absolutely true.
See the his full list below;
1. White women are totally independent, she doesn’t believe that because you are men, you have to take care of her.
2. The second point but slightly moved from me, but they make cute children Metisse children are often so beautiful.
3. They very loyal I mean they don’t even talk to other men I mean even just at the level of friendship and she hangs pics of you everywhere Facebook phone wallpaper WhatsApp they ain’t almost never go out without you.
4. They may not be as good in bed as black girls, but they are very sexually open and accept so many types of sexual practices.
5. with a white girl as a wife you can easily get credit in a bank. A racist but very true point.
6. White women’s family will never be a burden, ask for money or try to play a role in your couple.
7. Dress style level ahh nothing to say especially in terms of creativity and simplicity of style.
8. It’s very easy to make a white woman juice yet some sex experts in Cameroon have never had ultimate orgasm to the point of pissing and shaking like a possessed woman.
9. When you walk with a young white woman, cute in Cameroon, everyone looks at you like you’re a god.
10. A sensitive point, she believes less in God but she is more realistic and knows how to get what she wants without relying on anyone.”

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