We Will Keep Spilling Until the Dam Is Safe – Stanley Martey

Ghana Water Company’s Public Relations Officer, Stanley Martey has explained the urgent need for the spillage of excess water from the Weija Dam.

According to him in an interview on Dadi FM, 101.1, with Abena Pokuaa Ahwenee, the dam is not safe as it has moved from 46.2 feet to 48.1 feet; therefore to avoid it from collapsing the spillage exercise must be undertaken.

“The safe operating level of the dam is 47ft and now we are at 48ft so we need to undertake the spilling exercise until the level is safe for operating

The exercise will begin on Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 6:00 am and all residents, institutions, and organizations have been prompted to evacuate from the place to avoid any negative consequence.

“There are better ways we can adapt to ensure that there are no aftermath problems and that is every individual or any organization that has properties around the area should ensure that they evacuate so we can avoid any issues.”

He added that he cannot guarantee the public that the spillage will last for a day or a week since they need to get to the safe level but it can take months to accomplish that.

“We can’t tell when the exercise will be over because the rains have already started and we don’t know what the future holds for us so it will continue till we reach our limit”, he said.

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