Whoever Breaks A Woman’s Virginity Owes That Woman Till Eternity-Ajagurajah

Odeefuo Kwabena Asiamah of the Ajagurajah Movement fame in Ghana has advised men not to break the virginity of any woman they don’t intend to marry.

He explained that, the breaking of the virginity of a woman during sexual intercourse evokes a form of blood covenant between the pair.

“Any man who has broken the virginity of any lady owes that lady. If you’re not sure of marrying that lady, don’t break any woman’s virginity. You’re perpetually indebted to the woman if you don’t marry her.”

Speaking on his official Facebook page called the “Ajagurajah Movement”, on the topic called “Blood Covenant”, he noted that, when a man breaks the virginity of a woman, bloods oozes out.

The blood that is seen in the private part of the women is due to the breakage of her hymen.

“During that sexual intercourse, the sperms of the man mixes with the blood” that is oozing from the woman’s vagina as result of the breakage of the hymen” and that mixture forms a blood covenant. You owe that woman till eternity”. Never leave such a woman” he counseled men.

Supporting his position with scripture, he quoted from Exodus 22:16-17 “If a man seduces a virgin who is not pledged to be married and sleeps with her, he must pay the bride-price, and she shall be his wife. If her father absolutely refuses to give her to him, he must still pay the bride-price for virgins.”

This connotes that, if a man sleeps with a virgin, then that man must as a matter of necessity pay the pride-price on the woman’s head and be prepared to marry her.

Additionally the scripture affirms the fact that, if the woman’s father even refuses to give his daughter hand in marriage to the man who has broken her daughters virginity, the man must still pay the bride-price to the lady’s father to compensate for the wrong done.

Another mistake that some men make while having an affair with some women is to lick their vagina when menstruating. This is equally a covenant because blood is involved.

To this, Ajagurajah cautioned all men to never under any circumstance lick the vagina of any women who is menstruating.

These two scenarios explained above are part of what we call human blood covenant which most people are oblivious of.

“You are fool to be calling yourself a virgin breaker if you’re a man. Count the number of virgins you have had sex with and then you can calculate the amount of money you owe spiritually”.

He revealed that, if you have broken any woman’s virginity and never paid any money to her father then you must know that you owe her. “Spiritually you shall continue to pay” till your death.

In addition he said, it is a fallacy if anyone told you that, once you are a born again Christian, you’re free from all these errors. “It doesn’t work like that, it can only be compensated for when your slaughter a sheep to cleanse all your sins”.

In conclusion, he admonished all his followers to be very careful with virgins. “Virgins are complex people to deal with. I shall never advise any man to go after any virgin especially when know you cannot marry her”.

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