Don’t use your husbands’ names for showbiz-Akosua Agyapong

Highlife musician Akosua Agyapong has advised women in showbiz not to use their husbands’ names for their trade.

Speaking on the Upside Down show yesterday, the ‘Frema’ hitmaker said it is difficult rebranding with a new name after women in showbiz are divorced from their husbands.

“One thing I’d like to tell the musicians especially the ladies is that, when you are coming in, get a stage name. Don’t use your husband’s name. Don’t! Create a stage name,” she said.

She said for women who are married before getting into showbiz, they should let their husbands understand why it is necessary to use different stage names other than their married names.

“If you are already married and you want to get into music, sit down with your husband and agree on a stage name,” she added.

Akosua who got divorced from her first husband Amandzeba Nat Brew said, she was lucky that from the outset she did not take on her husband’s name.

A lot of Ghanaian female ‘showbizers’ have had to change their names after their marriages fell on the rocks.

Stella Dugan changed to Stella Aba Seal, Diana Akiwumi is now Diana Hopeson, Gifty Osei rebranded to Empress Gifty, Christiana Love changed to Obaapa Christy, and the list goes on.

Akosua Agyapong got married to Amandzeba for about 10 years and gave birth to four kids.

At the height of their music career, Akosua, Amandzeba, and Rex Omar formed the group Nakorex.

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