God didn’t create anyone gay – Gospel musician

Luigi Maclean, a Ghanaian Gospel musician has given his opinion on the currently trending issue of the LGBTQ+ community and whether or not Ghana should accept it.

Discussing this topic with host, Doctar Cann on Happy FM’s Ayekoo After-Drive show, he opined that, a man being with a man or vice versa, is not the arrangement God made for humans, hence, it is not right to live like that and it cannot be justified in any way.

“We’re all on this earth but this is not where we’re from. The person who created this world that we’re living in gave us rules to live by, that a man should be with a woman. That is how it’s supposed to be and any other way is not right”, he said.

Luigi urged that just as God changes people’s lives from grass to grace, He will also change the minds of these people and have them live by His ways.

Asked what he thinks of those insisting that they were born gay or transgender because they have some characteristics of the opposite sex, Luigi said, “If you have female tendencies, it does not mean that you’re a female. A female can have a voice even broader than a male but that does not mean she’s a male”.

On his accord, these are the little things that the devil takes advantage of to deceive Christians into doing his bidding, therefore, those who make themselves vulnerable will be deceived.

“When God created the world, His plan was for man and woman to be and that is why He created Adam and Eve to be together and husband and wife. That’s how it’s supposed to be”, the gospel musician further concluded.

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