Michael Blackson: Comedian Born in Ghana Celebrates Becoming US Citizen

Ghanaian born comedian Michael Blackson has excitedly announced that he has acquired US citizenship.
Blackson, who moved to New Jersey when 13 years old, was sworn in as US Citizen on Wednesday, November 24.
Via Twitter, the comedian announced that he would be turning in his green card to the US immigration.

“Today I’m turning this in back to the U.S immigration. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a green card. This is what every foreigner that comes to America will die for.
Today I’m turning it in for my citizenship. Can’t wait to swear in so I can apply for welfare,” he wrote.
After officially becoming a US citizen, a thrilled Blackson stated that:

“They finally made me an American citizen. Only foreigners will understand why I’m smiling and what we go through to get a green card or citizenship.
God bless America! Happiest day of my life! I’m going to Disneyland.”
Speaking to TMZ, Blackson said becoming an American citizen was a life-changing moment and a dream come true.

Blackson said since moving to the US as a teen, the country has been nothing but a blessing and made him a better person.

He even joked that he would vie for governor, saying he would call Arnold Schwarzenegger for advice.

Fans react to Blackson’s citizenship
Fans sent him their best wishes as others poked fun at his outfit. Here are some of the

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