University Of Ghana’s Dean Of Student Affairs Cited In An Application For Contempt Of Court.

A third-year student of the University of Ghana, Caleb Elorm Kadu, is urging an Accra High Court to commit the University of Ghana’s Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Alufa Bopkin and a student to prison for disregarding court orders.

The student cited in this contempt application with the Dean of Student Affairs is Emmanuel Sarfo Amankwah, the acting Electoral Commissioner of the Alexander Adum Kwapong Hall.

According to the application for contempt, the Dean of Student Affairs Professor Alufa Bopkin and the Acting EC knowingly disregarded the court processes served on them.

The application continued that when a matter is before the court, the parties wait for the court’s final ruling before they take action in respect of the matter being litigated.

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, Caleb Elorm Kadu filed a suit at an Accra High Court against three senior officials of the institution.

The three were the Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Student Affairs, and a Senior Tutor at Alexander Kwapong Hall.

Caleb Kadu, a resident of the Hall, is aggrieved over his disqualification from the 2021 JCR Presidential race.

He said, “on June 18, 2021, he received a letter from the Dean of Student Affairs disqualifying him as a Presidential candidate in the Alexander Kwapong Hall JCR elections without being given a hearing, in contravention of Article 23 of the 1992 Constitution and the audi alteram partem principle of natural justice.”

Before this, the BSc Education (Physics) student claims to have been cleared by the Dean of Students to contest in the JCR presidential race.

He said that all efforts to get the Dean to reverse his decision proved futile.

Caleb Elorm Kadu avers in his application for contempt that, despite this application for interlocutory injunction duly served on all the respondents, including the Dean of Student Affairs and the acting EC who were directly in charge of the election, the two refused to halt the election, in flagrant disregard on the court processes served on them.

According to the application for contempt of court, which has since been served on the respondents, the actions of the Dean of Student Affairs Professor Alufa Bopkin and the acting EC of the Hall interfered with the administration of justice and must be convicted.

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