Holy Spirit ordered me to snatch Joyce Blessing’s mic -Cecilia Marfo

Ghanaian gospel singer Cecilia Marfo has given a full account of what informed her decision to grab Joyce Blessing’s microphone while she performed on stage sometime in January 2021.

Giving a vivid narration of the whole incident that has since subjected her to public condemnation and backlash, Cecilia Marfo said she was only used by God to deliver a prophecy to Joyce Blessing.

One can recall that Cecilia Marfo openly snatched a microphone from Joyce Blessing who was ministering on stage at a gospel concert held in Kumasi.

Cecilia Marfo after forcefully grabbing the microphone started speaking in tongues and claimed that God is upset with Joyce Blessing for abandoning her marriage.

This incident has somewhat caused friction between the two gospel singers.

But stating her side of the story and what really ensued, Cecilia Marfo in an interview with Delay said she was pushed by the Holy Spirit to deliver the message on stage.

“While she was ministering, I started to encounter the Holy Spirit. I saw doves flying all around. My whole body began to shake and I heard a loud voice which ordered me to get up and do the needful but I was resisting. The voice was so powerful such that it started pushing me out of my seat gradually. Then all I realized afterwards was that God did what he wanted to. I snatched the microphone and did all that on stage without even knowing. God used me.”

Touching on claims that she deliberately put up such an act to mock Joyce Blessing over her marital problems, Cecilia Marfo said:

“It was a prophecy. I never intended to shove her marital issues up in her face. When God directed me to go deliver the prophecy on her marriage I initially resisted because I felt it was a very delicate issue but the force was too powerful such that it dragged me off my seat.”

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