I Wear A GH¢100,000 Cartier Wristwatch – Prophet Nigel Gaisie Brags

The leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie, has flaunted his GH¢100,000 Cartier wristwatch which is equivalent to 1 billion old currency.

The popular preacher has disclosed that whilst people are leveling sexual allegations against him, he is busy living his best life and thinking about achieving what his father couldn’t achieve at the young age of 37.

Prophet Gaisie has reprehended critics who are always snooping to find out who is warming his bed at night instead of looking for ways out of poverty.

“I am a preacher so sometimes I will be circumspective, when you go to South Africa, who someone is sleeping with is not their business. They are thinking about bread and butter. They are thinking of how to get money, real estate, buy a new car but in Ghana, someone is interested in who someone is sleeping with. It is a joke, hello! If you are still sleeping wake up.

“This is Cartier (pointing to his wristwatch) 1 billion Ghana cedis. You understand, yeah Cartier 1 billion. It is GH¢100,000 in the new currency. It is called Cartier, I wonder how they call it in our local language. This is a GH¢100,000 watch hellooooo. Yes Cartier, are you kidding me? I think I have to buy lands, our fathers couldn’t buy any and that is our focus now. Who someone is sleeping with, will that put food on your table? Will that lead the government to open employment opportunities? I am only thinking of how my church and the congregation will move forward, that’s all I am thinking of,” said Prophet Gaisie in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb on Kofi TV.

The controversial preacher on January 1 top trends following his prophetic ministry and the mentioning of a country known as Umoufia which have suggested is synonymous to Ghana.

Prophet Gaisie was quick to add that his expensive wristwatch from the French luxury goods conglomerate, Cartier was a gift from one of his sons.

He added that there will be no need for the Ghana Revenue Authority to visit him as he has already paid a gift tax to the Umoufia State.

“It is vanity, this watch was given to me as a gift from one of my children. My perfumes are not from the offering, people gift them to me. Even the cars I drive. The necklace I am wearing was a gift. I know people are making calculations and soon GRA will visit me. The last time after the interview, they called me to come and pay tax. It is amazing but they are all gifts. With the watch, I have paid tax on it in Umoufia (laughs).”

Watch the video below:

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