‘Scared’ Nigel Gaisie changes Ghana’s name to Umuofia before making doom prophecies

The young head of the popular Prophetic Hill Chapel, Nigel Gaisie, has fulfilled his promise to prophesy during the 31st December 2021 watch night service, despite a warning by the IGP to clamp down on doom 2022 prophesies about people and institutions.

He, however, did not make the prophecies about Ghana. According to him, when God manifested the prophecies to him in the spirit, it was about a nation called Umuofia, not Ghana.

The village of ‘Umuofia’ is the setting for Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s famous book, Things Fall Apart. “I saw a heavy cloud like the cloud of darkness covering the head of state of Umuofia. Let’s take this prophecy very seriously, I saw a cloud of darkness covering the head of the state of Umuofia.

“I saw that his deputy is using mediums to trigger the quick passing away of the head of state. I saw in the realm of the spirit that the shoe of the big man is being worn by the deputy. I saw in the nation of Umuofia that something that has happened there is about to reoccur again,” he stated.

The outspoken young Prophet also warned of a terror attack in the nation of Umuofia. He warned there is an imminent bomb attack in the nation of Umuofia and that the attack will be an external one with internal collaboration.

The self-acclaimed youngest Prophet in Ghana coincidentally mentioned a name similar to that of Ghana’s former President, John Mahama.

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