Drunkards Association of Ghana launches E-Drink app to members

The President of Drunkards Association of Ghana, Moses Onyah, has announced for the introduction of Electronic Drink app to members.

The app, known as E-Drink, will afford the members the opportunity to request any alcoholic beverage at various comfort zones without going through hustles.

Moses Onyah, also known as Dry Bone, in an interview with Otec News said the app will reduce pedestrians’ death rate among their 6.6 million members.

“The E-Drink will allow the members to request alcoholic beverages from nearby drinking spots by going to the Drunkards Association Facebook portal, click on the E-Drink, select the nearby drinking spot and choose the kind of drink they want,” he said.

He stated that the app, which will soon be piloted, will protect their membership which has the largest group in the country from being knocked down by vehicles.

He also said it will save members from traveling to far distances to buy alcoholic drinks.

“When the app is activated, it will reduce the death rate among our members who are killed by moving vehicles, in an attempt to cross roads due to over-drinking,” Dry Bone explained”.

Mr Onyah, thus, called on unregistered members to register through their facebook portal by uploading their pictures and personal details, before accessing the app.

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