I ran away without paying the bills after a lady I invited on a date came with four other ladies — Actor Wayoosi recalls

Kumasi-based actor Wayoosi has shared a personal life experience with a lady he met for the first time.

He said he had to rescue himself by running away from a date without paying the bills.

In a recent interview on Pure FM, Kumasi, the comical actor stated that he had to do this in retaliation to a lady who was only taking him for a ride.

According to him, he had on several occasions expressed his feelings for this woman but her actions indicated that she did not love him leading to him bolting away on a date when the lady came with four other friends without his authorization.

“There was this lady that I have always loved; I expressed my love for her in so many ways including footing bills when she went shopping in town.

“I invited her to come to see where I live and she came so we could spend some time but she came in the company of two other ladies and that shattered whatever plan I had that day,” he recalled.

He said, upon realizing the lady was clearly taking him for a ride, he hatched a plan to pay her back in her own coin.

“Upon realizing everything, I started being extra nice to her, sending her money and airtime regularly until one day I invited her out and she chose Vienna City which I agreed,” he narrated.

Wayoosi said, to his utmost surprise, he realized upon arrival that the lady had brought four other ladies and they already made their orders all on him.

“I hatched a plan with my friends that I will bolt away at some point so we took some drinks and left the ladies to their fate,” he added.

When asked what befell the ladies, Wayoosi said, “their phones were seized until they were able to make up for the debt.”

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