Applaud NPP For Initiatives such as E-levy-Methodist Bishop

A Bishop of the Methodist Church Bishop Stephen Richard Bosomtwe Ayensu says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) should be applauded for the efforts put in place to rid Ghana of corruption.

According to him, the governing political party has proven that they intend to break the eight considering the number of initiatives and programmes introduced by the government.

Bishop Stephen Richard Bosomtwe Ayensu argues that the introduction of e-levy is one of the best things to happen to Ghana because it is making the tax system in the country paperless.

“Look at what the NPP is doing to break the eight. They are putting in measures to ensure that corruption becomes a thing of the past. E-levy is good because with the VAT when you go and buy from the shop, they will take VAT but as to whether they send it to the government nobody knows,” he said in an interview.

He could not fathom why such a great initiative will not be supported by all but rather the former President of Ghana insist on repealing the law.

“VAT doesn’t bring money to the government so if e-levy comes and it is paperless and it’s electronic, and we are extra careful, it will help us to develop as a country. So why do you want to dismiss it? If you will cancel e-levy then you also have plans to cancel Free SHS. It’s a simple equation. He has decided to cancel everything because to him, it’s his opponent who implemented them. God wants to help us with these policies but you say you will repeal it, why?”

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