NPP is now an enviable world-class political party

The governing New Patriotic Party(NPP) now has the systems and structures that makes it an enviable political party globally, John Boadu, the general secretary of the party has said.

Boadu said most of the initial challenges that were bedevilling the party prior to the 2016 elections have now been dealt with, making the NPP one of the most active political parties in Africa.

Talking to Beatrice Adu on Town Hall Talk on Asaase Radio on Friday (13 May) Boadu said “You know before I took over as general secretary, you knew what the party was looking like; lots of challenges, inability to even be cohesive, almost the party was in one trouble or the other. Since then, we have been able to maintain peace and tranquillity that resulted in our two successive victories in 2016 and 2020.”

He added, “I have brought the new kind of management that is seamless. The New Patriotic Party is one of the most active political parties in Africa…

“There is no party anywhere in the world that is capable of knowing its results after elections within eight hours or even within 24 hours. No party ever, and it is through my instrumentality and my executives that we have been able to put together such a structure that is to the envy of a lot of political parties throughout the world.”

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