Build National Drinking Bar Like The Cathedral-Drunkards to Akufo-Addo

The Drunkards Association of Ghana has petitioned the President of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo to build a National Drinking Bar.

According to them, like how the President is currently building a National Cathedral, the nation needs a National Drinking Bar rather than the Cathedral.

The Chairman of the National Drunkards Association , Mr Moses Dry Bone made this statement while speaking in an exclusive interview on Hot FM’s ‘Ay3 HU’ social talk show hosted by Nana Ampofo:

” Nana Ampofo, we also need a National Drinking Bar . Oh, Yes, we need a National Drinking Bar like how the President is building the National Cathedral. This would boost our tourism… local drinks like, ‘Alomo Bitters, Herbal Afrik, Palm Wine, Pito, Akpeteshie and Mandingo shall be sold there which would really create jobs”.

The out-spoken President of the association backed his claims by indicating that,” During the Covid-19 period, we were told to use alcoholic hand sanitizers…they never said we should pray…drunkards really survived the pandemic…so we are really important… The nation needs a National drinking Bar rather than the Cathedral”.

Touching on the number of persons that constitute the Drunkards Association of Ghana, Moses Dry Bone revealed that the association has over 10 billion members.

He pleaded with the President to build the National Drinking Bar else, ” We shall organise the biggest demonstration ever to hit Ghana”.

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