Stop advising a successful woman like me on how to live my life – Tracey Boakye cautions friends

Actress Tracey Boakye has sent a warning to her friends to stop advising her on how to live her life once social media users fabricate stories just to tarnish her image.

According to Tracey, she is in full control of her life and knows what’s best for her, the reason she finds it offensive when people she calls friends call to her to suggest how to live her life at the age of 31.

The mother of two has warned that any friend who attempts to ‘call her to order’ will receive the shock of his or her life as she’s promised to spew nonsense.

In a series of WhatsApp posts, she flared up adding that she has had enough.

“Attention! To all my WhatsApp contacts here, if u see anything on social media or hear anything negative or positive about me. DON’T COME AND ADVICE OR TELL ME. I don’t need it!!! Use that advice for yourself! Don’t come and destroy the good relationship we have, by making me tell u NONSENSE!! Keep your advice and let’s respect ourselves! THANK YOU.”
In a separate post, the Kumawood actress mentioned that social media user who criticizes her don’t even have a life but see everything with hers.

“What makes u think some FOOLISH PEOPLE leaving in their Single rooms can buy 2ghs data and write something on social media then u want to use that stupid comment to advise me? Aaahhhh like how???? I’m a public figure. I’m an adult I KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT For me. SO LEAVE ME ALONE.”

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