Ghana can’t prosecute ‘Galamsey Queen’, Aisha Huang – Financial analyst

Financial analyst, Clement Opoku-Kyeremateng says the government of Ghana can’t prosecute the Chinese galamsey, Queen Aisha Huang.

The 47-year-old ‘galamsey’ kingpin, Aisha Huang who was deported in 2019, is back in Ghana and mining without a license. She has been re-arrested and remanded by the Accra Circuit Court.

The Chinese national evaded immigration authorities and re-entered Ghana via the eastern land border, i.e., Togo, to conduct illegal business despite her controversial deportation in 2018.

Many Ghanaians are calling for her prosecution for causing damage to the river bodies in the country.

Speaking on Oyerepa Breakfast Time, the financial analyst said Ghana does not have the commanding power to punish Aisha Huang.

“Aisha Huang cannot be prosecuted in Ghana unless the Chinese government denies her citizenship. The Chinese government will come for her because Ghana does not have any powers. Ghana’s debt to China alone will free her.”

According to him, Aisha’s prosecution cannot help solve the galamsey menace in the country.

“There are over a thousand Ghanaians who are engaged in galamsey to destroy our water bodies. So what damage can one person, Aisha, do? How can jailing Aisha help us solve our game issues? Ghana’s government does not even have the grounds to punish her. We don’t have the command authority.” Mr Clement stated.

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