I’ll jail NAM1 for life and recover your monies if you vote for me – Prophet Kumchacha

When elected president in the 2024 general election, Ghanaian preacher Nicholas Osei, also known as Prophet Kumchacha, has promised to go after businessman Nana Appiah Mensah, also known as NAM1.

Kumchacha has declared his intention to run for the highest office in government with the goal of transforming the country and enhancing citizens’ living standards. As a result, he has promised to release all Menzgold customers’ frozen funds.

According to the preacher, if the CEO of the closed-down gold dealership firm is found guilty of causing the company’s collapse he will face life in prison.

Kumchacha stated in an interview on Okay FM that with the power bestowed upon him as president, he will make sure that innocent victims who have had their monies locked up since 2018 go home looking happy after years of weeping for their funds.

“When KPP is voted into office with me as president in 2024, Kumchacha will retrieve your monies from NAM1, all of you. Why won’t I do this? I will now have the power.

“We will begin with investigations and I have plans of retrieving these locked up funds. If NAM1 is found guilty, I will jail him, with life imprisonment. How can NAM1 win the current court case? He is guilty…I just want to assure the general public that I will retrieve all the monies locked up at Menzgold in 2024 when KPP comes into office,” he declared.

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