Exclusive: Kofi Adoma quits Angel FM

Information reaching the front desk of sankofaradio.com has it that Kofi Adoma Nwanwani of Accra-based Angel FM/TV fame has quit his job at the media house.
Remember that Kofi, as he is popularly known, was all over the news a few months ago when he freely admitted to cheating on his wife on many occasions. This caused him to be the subject of much media attention.

His admission in public painted a bullseye on his back, and a few days later, he was assaulted by individuals who remained anonymous.

His wife had a similar experience with an unknown group of guys attacking her, and as a result, the pair began to worry for their life. Kofi Adoma and his wife made the decision to go to the United States for a holiday trip. On the other hand, ever since he got back to Ghana, he hasn’t set foot inside the Angel FM/TV premises. Although management of Angel FM/TV for obvious reasons has failed to make Kofi’s resignation public, however, we can say on authority that Kofi Adoma Nwanwani is a goner and his recent media works can only be seen on Kofi TV/Radio via YouTube and Facebook.

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