“Ghana can only be better if NPP is given at least 40 years to rule” – Former Okaikoi North MP

Issah Fuseini, a former member of parliament for Okaikoi North, has urged his fellow Ghanaians to vote the New Patriotic Party (NPP) back into the office for at least another four decades.
He says that the party would be able to advance its objectives and implant the “proper attitude” in Ghanaians via this strategy before they are replaced by another administration.

As reported by the Guardian, on October 21 the ex-member of parliament said, “Despite the present economic suffering hitting Ghanaians, I am hopeful that the ruling party will ‘break the 8’ and keep the National Democratic Congress in opposition for a long time.”

He predicted that the NDC would be “dead and buried” before it had a chance to win an election and take power if the Ghanaian people gave the NPP at least 40 years to rule.

Issah Fuseini made these remarks before the NDC’s constituency elections last weekend.

The National Democratic Congress is a government agency, thus we should take an interest in them since, at the very least, they have ruled the nation in the past.

In my opinion, they are and will continue to be, the largest opposition party in the next election and those that follow.

I’ve stated it from this podium: “Ghanaians would be better off giving the New Patriotic Party 32 years, 36 years, 40 years in power to implement policies and instill the right values in the people here before we leave for any other political party. The National Democratic Congress, the ex-lawmaker predicted, “would have been dead and buried by then.”

The ruling party is trying to “break the 8” and stay in power for a third consecutive term, while the opposition NDC is gearing up to wrest power from the incumbent.

Before that time, discussions on the economy were frequent. The opposition New Democratic Party (NDC) blames the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) for the country’s economic woes, including record-high inflation, rising gasoline costs, and a precipitous drop in the value of the Cedi.

However, the NPP has largely blamed the Covid-19 outbreak and the Russia-Ukraine conflict for the economic downturn.

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