I Don’t Understand Why Celebrities Do Liposuction to Show Off – Delay

Delay has advised young ladies not to be pressured by the superficial lifestyle of celebrities.
Deloris Afia Frimpong Manso Delay has advised young ladies not to allow the superficial lifestyle of celebrities to pressure them.

Speaking to the youth at a program organized by Pastor Gusteve Yeboah in Kumasi, she talked about how her colleagues celebrities are leading the youth astray with their lifestyle.

The celebrated media personality said maybe she’s a villager but she doesn’t why a lady will undergo surgery for body enhancement to stunt herself on people.

Delay expressed her shock for the sudden crave for superficiality because with her all she thinks about is her work.

She said celebrities are the one championing this crave for superficiality by how they flaunt their houses, possessions and trips to put pressure on the youth.

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