This man is so sick, yet he won’t move out – Blakk Rasta drags Ofori Atta

Media personality and controversial reggae artist Blakk Rasta has dragged Ofori Atta over his refusal to step down as finance minister.
Ghanaians have called out Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta after the cedi depreciation against the dollar got worst. However, it seems Ken is yet to be moved by the comments and criticism from Ghanaians.

One of the concerned citizens who has also called out Ken Ofori Atta is Blakk Rasta. According to the radio presenter, Ken Ofori Atta is not medically fit enough to hold a position but has refused to step down.

“This is Ofori Atta, and when you look at his face, this man is so sickly and so unashamed to talk about his sickness yet will not move out of the space. What a greedy charlatan?”

Blakk Rasta continued to outline how the Finance Minister deceived Ghanaians after passing E-Levy, which was supposed to ‘save’ the country from going to IMF. He added that the deteriorating economy signals that we are useless in managing ourselves.

“The shamelessness of a country. Before God and man, the sun, the mother, the uncle and the Holy Spirit, you swore that you will never go to the IMF as long as E-Levy was passed,” Blakk Rasta continued. “By some political jingoisms, you were able to pass the so-called E-Levy.

“After passing the demonic E-Levy, less than a month later, you are knocking on the doors of the so-called IMF. Now the IMF is playing politricks with you. The IMF is giving you several ropes for you to hang your citizens. The IMF is dangling a carrot in front of you, and you are not seeing the ditch that is in front of you. What a country?”

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