Agradaa Charged For Posting Naked Photos Of Fellow Prophet

Patricia Asiedua, better known as Nana Agradaa, the controversial founder of the Heaven Way Champion International Ministry, has been charged with spreading naked images of a Prophet and has been prosecuted once more.

Nana Agradaa, who has recently come into contact with the legal system, was accused of spreading intimate images without consent in violation of Section 67(1) of the Cybersecurity Act (Act 1038).

On February 8, 2023, she entered a not-guilty plea to the case before Circuit Court 10, which was presided over by Her Honor Mrs. Evelyn Asamoah.

Enock Owusu Kissi, 33, Charles Omane aka One Gig, 39, Emmanuel Kofi Gyasi, 47, and an unidentified male named Andy were the other four people accused with aiding and assisting the offence of non-consensual distribution of personal images.

While Emmanuel Kofi Gyasi, the fourth accused, was not present, Kissi, the second accused, and Omane, the third accused, entered not guilty pleas. The fifth suspect, identified as Andy, is still at large. Each of them has been given a bail bond of $100,000 and three sureties. They’re supposed to show up again on March 8, 2023. The prosecutor further informed the court that the fifth accused, Andy, remains at large, and that the third accused, Charles Omane aka One Gig, is a businessman who lives in Nungua. The fourth accused, Emmanuel Kofi Gyasi, is a TV presenter who also resides in Nungua.

According to ASP Haligah, sometime in 2020, the first accused Patricia Asieduwaa, who owned the television network Thunder TV, aired a program on her network during which she purposefully broadcast the complainant’s nude photos.

According to the prosecutor, Nana Agradaa made fun of him while all the other defendants who served as guests for the program encouraged her to continue.

According to him, the program was also live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube, where a witness in this instance observed it and alerted the complaint to it.

The prosecutor informed the court that the first defendant also knowingly used WhatsApp to send pornographic photographs of the complainant to a witness in this case. He claimed that after the complainant approached the police for help, all of the accused—aside from the fifth, who is still at large—were detained for questioning over the course of the inquiry.

According to him, Patricia Asieduwaa, the first accused, transmitted or spread intimate pictures of the complainant that were seized by the police.

According to ASP Haligah, over the course of the investigation, Police retrieved the program from which the intimate photographs were broadcast and played it back to all the defendants who identified themselves in the program’s video that was hosted by the first accused.

He claimed that following an investigation, the accused were named in an arraignment and charged with the crimes.

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