False photos circulated as Atsu’s mortal remains, not him – Family

The bereaved family of Christian Twasasam says the photos and videos circulated by bloggers and other individuals claiming to be that of the deceased are false.

The head of the family, Nene G.K Twasam told Kwabena Agyapong on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the photos are not that of Atsu. He also indicated that the public should respect the deceased and the family and desist from circulating the videos and the photos.

He said ”the pictures people circulated claiming to be that of Christian Atsu are false. These are not his pictures. As Africans, we respect the dead. We give reverence to our dead bodies, especially from Ada, we give reverence to our dead. When the unfortunate situation happened to Atsu, people started displaying the mortal remains of Atsu. We are not talking about the pictures. But the mortal remains. They used technology to capture something to represent him.

If you want to circulate his pictures, wait for the day of his funeral. When he os laid in state, you can take the photos and circulate them. We would have no problem.” He said it was not proper for people to circulate the photos claiming to be his mortal remains when the family had not even seen them. He confirmed that the burial of the late Astu has become a state event, and the family would be collaborating with the government to give the late footballer a befitting burial.

He also revealed that efforts were made to rescue him with the help of his team, but he died as a result.

“What we can say is that God gave him to us and has taken him away from us. We hoped he was found alive, but God knows best”.

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