I’ve Got More Hit Songs Than Any Other Muscian In Ghana – Kwaw Kese.

Abodam Kwaw Kese, dubbed “King of the Streets,” has boasted that he has more chart-topping songs than any other singer in Ghana, surpassing the likes of Daddy Lumba, Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, and others in terms of chart-topping songs.

In a self-produced video, Kwaw Kese bemoaned the fact that, despite having more successful songs than any other active Ghanaian singer, event planners have purposefully left him out of their shows because they despise him.Kwaw Kese challenges anyone who questions his claim to “count his real street bangers” in the trading video.He said “Inshallah if you like let’s count real street bangers it’s me that I have got it but still they say I’ve not done anything but this year I’m praying and working so hard.

Kwaw Kese continued “I’m praying that this year God should bless me with money and I’ll do my own show but I know that people don’t want to help me.

“This year I’ll take the cost of my sound, do my own show and perform all my hit songs and you will see the reaction and the crowd so that next year you will come and say again that Kwaw hasn’t done anything.”

As a result of his conflict with Yaa Pono, Kwaw Kese was recently in the headlines.

Before letting sleeping dogs lie, the two seasoned rappers battled jabs online for days.

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