‘I’ll make you a third wife’ – Kyiri Abosom to Delay

Midway through Osofo Kyiri Abosom’s interview with Delay, he placed an interesting proposal before her. Delay, in the quest to probe issues pertaining to Rev. Kyiri Abosom’s polygamous nature ended up being labelled as a potential suitor by the pastor.

Earlier, Kyiri Abosom’s wife stormed social media with claims that her husband had married two of their housemaids and had other children out of wedlock.

This was after the pastor announced that he had divorced that particular woman while disclosing that he has a baby boy with another.

Touching on the issue which popped up in a discussion on The Delay Show, the host, Deloris Frimpong Manso, asked whether it was right for a man of God to conduct himself in that manner.

In response, Kyiri Abosom said he wouldn’t mind making Delay a mother of his children if she is interested.

“So, are you saying that because I am a pastor, I cannot give birth outside marriage? What are you saying? If you are interested, we will have a baby and there is nothing wrong with it.”

Delay then asked if he is in any way asking her to be a third wife.

Delay: So, have you added me to your list?

Kyirir Abosom: If you come to me, I will receive you with open arms

Delay: (laughs) So will I become your third wife?

Kyiri Abosom: Yes, you will be the third wife and you will have a different assignment. Your role will be to promote the church.

Delay: So, you will take care of me well too?

Kyiri Abosom: What are you talking about? As a woman, you shouldn’t lack anything. Not under my watch. My name is Kwabena Sika (Kwabena money).

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