‘I Hate Gambling… My Dad Lost Our Home To Betting’ – Swansea Coach

Swansea City head coach, Russell Martin, says he welcomes Premier League clubs withdrawing gambling sponsorship from the front of their matchday shirts.

The Swans boss says his father lost the family home over a gambling addiction when Martin was eight years old.

Ex-Scotland defender Martin believes the impact of gambling is “horrific,” and says he has also seen it negatively impact some of his former team-mates.

“I hate it [gambling]. I really don’t like it,” Martin explained.

“I had to move house when I was eight years old because my dad lost the house because he was a gambling addict.

“Then, we moved to a house opposite the bookmakers, which was really good for my dad, but not very good for the rest of us.

“The impact it could have on a good day – winning loads of money – and then the impact it can have negatively when losing, was horrific.

“Having to live with that atmosphere in your household all the time is really tough.”

Martin says he welcomes any move to curtail gambling advertisements in football.

Premier League clubs have collectively agreed to withdraw gambling sponsorship from the front of their matchday shirts by the end of the 2025-26 season.

After the deadline, clubs will still be able to continue featuring gambling brands in areas such as shirt sleeves and LED advertising.

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