‘The Requisite Revenue Is Not Coming In, So We Cannot Actually Give The Top-Notch Services That We Are Promising’ – ECG MD.

The Managing Director of the Electricity of Ghana (ECG), Samuel Dubik Mahama, has rendered an unqualified apology to customers of the power company for the inefficiencies in the system.

He admitted that his outfit has on some few occasions not delivered efficiently to the satisfaction of their customers.

The ECG boss partly attributed the issue to lack of funds to render top-notch services.

The power company has over the years come under heavy criticism for poor service delivery with cases of unattended or unresolved issues relating to malfunctioning meters, and unannounced power cuts amongst others.

ECG has over the month embarked on a massive revenue mobilisation exercise where some companies and homes have been taken off the national grid for debt owed.

In an interview on the Citi Breakfast Show on Thursday, April 20, Mr. Mahama said, “Let me take this opportunity to apologise to our customers, we’ve fallen short of the service we promised to provide. It’s a shared responsibility because it goes both ways. The requisite revenue is not coming in, so we cannot actually give the top-notch services that we are promising”.

Mr. Mahama advised ECG customers across the country to pay their bills religiously without defaulting.

He further entreated ECG customers to desist from illegal connections as it affects their production.

“It’s more of the fact that we both have to do the right thing at the right time so that we can have that harmonious services. If you take ten customers, five post and five pre-paid, that is the ratio, out of the five, two are paying and are good customers, the other three are not paying at all and they by-pass the post-paid meter to some extent”.

He reiterated, “Now you come to pre-paid meters, all the five are paying, two of them are the good ones, they are paying and haven’t touched the meter. But the three, there is a meter by-pass or something like that so whatever he’s paying, he has decided how much to pay ECG. Some people have also created a by-pass in the walls, so it is not easy to detect it from the naked eye. Steps are being taken to solve this problem”.

He stressed that they will not entertain any excuses from customers who owe them.

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