‘Ghana’s Comprehensive Structure Will Enhance The Economy’s Ability To Withstand future Shocks’ – IMF.

Stéphane Roudet, the IMF mission chief for Ghana, on Thursday highlighted the comprehensive structural components of Ghana’s programme with the Fund, emphasizing its capacity to strengthen the country’s economy.

According to Roudet, the programme consists of a wide range of reforms across multiple sectors, which will enhance the economy’s ability to withstand future shocks.

He emphasized that the government and the IMF share the goal of achieving a more robust and resilient economy through these reforms.

Speaking at a joint press conference during the aftermath of the IMF’s approval of $3billion support for Ghana, Roudet said: “It is important to emphasize that this program is very rich in its structural components. It encompasses a wide range of reforms across various sectors, which will enhance the economy’s ability to withstand future shocks. This is precisely what the government and the IMF aim to achieve with this program.”

The programme’s objective aligns with the government’s vision of long-term stability and sustainable growth.

On May 17, the executive board of the IMF approved Ghana’s request for a $3 billion bailout to support the country’s economic recovery.

The IMF’s support program will primarily focus on curbing inflation and rebuilding Ghana’s foreign reserve buffers.

These measures aim to strengthen the country’s economic foundation and promote a path towards sustainable growth.

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