IMF Deal Won’t Affect Social Protection Programmes – Finance Minister.

Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta has emphasized the government’s commitment to prioritize the well-being of the vulnerable segments of society.

Addressing a joint press conference between the Government of Ghana and the International Monetary Fund on Thursday on the country’s $3 billion bailout package, Mr. Ofori-Atta said: “We will ensure that we protect the vulnerable.”

To demonstrate this commitment, the government has taken specific measures to strengthen social protection programs and allocate additional resources to key initiatives.

One notable development highlighted by the Finance Minister is the increased resource envelope for the school feeding program.

In addition to the school feeding program, the government plans to double the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) programme.

LEAP provides direct cash transfers to the poorest households in Ghana, assisting them in meeting their basic needs and improving their livelihoods.

The Finance Minister reiterated that the government’s commitment to protecting the vulnerable is unwavering and emphasized that there is no cause for alarm.

He said President Nana Addo Dankwak Akufo-Addo has made it clear that the protection of vulnerable groups will not be compromised.

Stéphane Roudet, the IMF Mission Chief for Ghana, acknowledged the significance of social protection programmes in the country’s economic framework.

Roudet highlighted that ensuring the creation and strengthening of such initiatives is a key objective of the IMF collaboration.

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