Sarkodie drove me to the abortion clinic and left me to my fate – Yvonne Nelson

Another interesting twist to the development surrounding Yvonne Nelson and her ordeal with Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie, was when the latter abandoned the former at a clinic in their quest to abort a baby.

After narrating how the rapper impregnated her and denied responsibility, Yvonne also detailed how he drove her to a health facility where she bled profusely in his absence.

In a chapter titled ‘Abortion’, in her book, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson’, the actress disclosed how Sarkodie accompanied her to the Mamprobi polyclinic for abortion and since never bothered to find out how the procedure went.

“Keeping the pregnancy was not an option. Undertaking another self-medication was also not an option. I agreed with Sarkodie that, this time, we had to do it in a hospital or health facility. Again, that friend of mine had a recommendation. It was a facility in Mamprobi, and the appointed day, Sarkodie drove me there with his manager and they left.

“I hoped and prayed that I will be lucky with this second attempt. The pain, again was intense and I bled profusely. I felt worse because Sarkodie left me to my fate. He did not call or check up on me to find out how the procedure had gone,” parts of the chapter read.

Yvonne narrated the indescribable pain and horrifying encounter during the two instances she attempted to abort Sarkodie’s child.

“If I tried it at home, my mother would know and hell would come crashing down. So, one weekend, I visited my friend and took the pills. I swallowed one and inserted the other into my vagina. The few days that followed were some of the most excruciatingly painful moments of my life. It was only after I gave birth that I was able to get a condition to liken the pain I felt to.

“The pain came with severe bleeding that lasted so lose that I became weak. I could see life slipping out of my frail bot When I sat on the WC, clots of blood fell into the toilet bowl tie constipated poop. When the bleeding and pains finally stopped, | went to do another pregnancy test to ascertain the efficacy of the self. administered procedure. The pregnancy was still there, intact. Then afterward at the hospital, I was given an injection to numb the pain but I could still feel it.

“I could feel the screwing inside of me. I even thought my womb was being removed. Whatever it was I hoped it was a successful outcome this time around,” she narrated.

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