Stop promoting negative news-Counsellor Charlotte

Marriage Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has made a brave statement regarding the state of Ghana’s media. In her opinion, the media is contributing to the country’s problems.

Mrs Oduro believes that many social media influencers are only able to promote their content because the Ghanaian media gives them a platform to display what she describes as “insanity.”

Mrs Oduro argues that the media’s wish to attract more viewers and readers has led them to prioritize sensational and negative news stories. As a result, they often promote the lousy behaviour of so-called celebrities, which only exacerbates the country’s problems.

“The Ghanaian media is part of the problem. Because they all want traffic, they want the people that will bring the traffic, ” Mrs Charlotte Oduro stated on Kingdom FM.

She condemned Ghanaians for indulging in negativity instead of acknowledging positive accomplishments.

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